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Thank you to carefully read these Terms of Use (TOS) of the Application Puy Saint VINCENT before the go. By connecting to this application, you accept without reservation these Terms.





The mobile PUY SAINT VINCENT application is the property of SAEM Les Écrins (Société Anonyme Mixed Economy) and is operated by the latter, whose identification elements are :

Ski lifts Ski Area

SAEM Les Écrins Station 1600 - 05290 Puy Saint Vincent

Phone: +33 (0) 4 92 23 43 43

Email: sem.puysaintvincent@wanadoo.fr

SIRET No. 35052765100011



The graphic and technical design of the application and its maintenance is performed by the   

WebSenso society based on the Drupal 7 CMS.

WebSenso Agency

Social: SARL

SIRET: 514 911 098

Rue balcons, 05230 CHORGES

Phone: +33 4 92 44 13 73  

Mail: contact@websenso.com

Website: www.websenso.com




Address: 2, rue Kellerman, 59100 Roubaix

SIRET: RCS Roubaix Tourcoing B 424 761 419


For information regarding this application you can contact the competent to the email address: support@websenso.com




This application provides each user free access to several online services.


SAEM Les Écrins grants the user a license for personal use of the following application and their services, revocable, nontransferable, noncessible, nonexclusive, free on information consulted on the next application.




Equipment and material means enabling the mobile application are the sole responsibility of the user. It also takes its own load induced telecom costs for access and view the Application.

SAEM Les Écrins grants the user a right of consultation, use and access information from the application. In this regard, the user specifically agrees:

● will download information about the equipment for personal use only, non-market and time-limited.

● these copies not subject than personal use

● the reproduced documents are modified or altered in any way

● the source is clearly mentioned, such as "this document comes from

Application of SAEM Les Écrins. Reproduction rights reserved and strictly limited; "

 The Application must specifically address appear in the reference.

● not to copy the application to another site, another application or an internal network the company

● not to reproduce or summarize the digital version information of the Application on a other media without the written consent of SAEM Les Écrins.




These Terms do not transfer any intellectual property rights to benefit User both the structure and the content of the application, its services as well as that of Application.

The User expressly agrees that use of the application does not in any way affect the Rights of the SAEM Les Écrins, including that such use does not constitute a unfair or abusive counterfeit information.




SAEM Les Écrins respects the privacy of users and complies strictly with laws force on the protection of privacy and individual freedoms. The information provided by the user because of the forms present in the application is required to meet its requests and is intended solely for SAEM Les Écrins.

In application of the provisions of Law No. 7817 of 6 January 1978 "Informatique et Libertés", as

amended by Act No. 2004801 of 7 August 2044, relating to computers, files and freedoms, each user has the right to oppose, access, correct and delete personal data.

To exercise this right, write to:

Ski lifts Ski Area

SAEM Les Écrins Station 1600 -  05290 Puy Saint Vincent




SAEM Les Écrins undertakes to use its best efforts to secure access, consultation and the use of information and / or services of the Application. The latter is accessible 24h / 24 and 7/7 except in case of force majeure or supervision of an event beyond the control of SAEM Les Écrins subject to any breakdowns and maintenance necessary for the proper operation of the Application. Maintenance work may be carried out without the users have been previously notified.

The user agrees to the characteristics and limitations of the mobile Internet and systems operating applications, and especially recognize that:

● use of the application is at your own risk; the application is accessible to him "in state "and depending on its availability

● protection of its own data and / or software and it is incumbent to him to take all appropriate measures to protect them from viruses

● mobile Internet performance techniques require processing time needed to meet, consult, question or transfer information.




SAEM Les Écrins can give no guarantee of reliability, completeness, accuracy and news on all the information and other data on the application, they are provided by SAEM Les Écrins herself, or its partners. In consequence, every information and other data on the application and its services are provided on the Application only for information.


SAEM Les Écrins is the author of the information that the application, and has no general obligation Monitoring data or obligation to delete content that does not seem clearly illegal. The responsibility of SAEM Les Écrins either can not be held liable Access to interrupt the application due to maintenance improvements, updates or technical improvements, or to change the content. In addition, SAEM Les Écrins will temporarily or permanently suspend access to the Application.


SAEM Les Écrins will in no way be held responsible for any consequences that may occur during, or knowledge, meetings or contacts made ​​between several users, following the use of the Application and its services.


SAEM Les Écrins is not responsible for the content of any third party websites to which return of hyperlinks on the Application.


To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law and to the extent that SAEM Les Écrins there would held responsible for damage nonprévu above, responsibility for SAEM Les Écrins will limited to certain damages, actual and established. To the fullest extent permitted by law, in no event


SAEM Les Écrins and its partners can not be responsible for indirect damage, the shortfall or damage arising from loss of data or business interruption caused by the use or inability to use the application, service or content, whether on guarantee of a contract or a tort or under any other legal theory and SAEM Les Écrins whether or not advised of the possibility of such damages.


Users are solely responsible for updates or successive versions of sousversions Application. SAEM Les Écrins can not incur liability in this respect.




Each user expressly undertakes:

● not to use software, methods for copying the contents of the Application without the express consent of SAEM Les Écrins 

● to explicitly renounce the use of software or devices that may interfere with proper operation of the Application, or engage action which impose a burden disproportionate to the infrastructure of SAEM Les Écrins

● not to alter or modify or create derivative works without the express consent and prior to SAEM Les Écrins

● to accept the characteristics and limitations of the mobile Internet




Navigation on the application is likely to cause the installation of cookie (s) on the phone mobile user. A cookie is a small file, which does not allow the identification of the user, but which records information about the navigation of a computer on a site. The data obtained are intended to enable various measures of attendance.

The Application User is informed of a "cookie" (or cookie) will be installed by SAEM Les Écrins the user's login terminal upon the application connection. The "cookie" does will not identify but will record information about the navigation of the user on Application.




The use of the Application of geolocation feature requires the prior consent Express User to be geolocated. For this the user must activate, if desired, the function location-directly in the settings of their mobile phone and accept the Application there may be appeals. This can, at any time and without charge, be disabled or enabled.

With the acceptance of GPS for location-based mobile phone and application, User can:

● guidance when routes or research plans

● save performance during a sports session.

The mobile phone then calculates its position luimême.




These terms are governed by French law and any dispute or litigation that could arise from the interpretation or execution of cellesci will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts which the registered office of the company. The reference language for the litigation settlement potential, is French.

If any of these provisions of these Terms held invalid or unenforceable pursuant to a law, regulation or following a decision by a final court, it would be deemed not written and the other provisions remain in force.

The contractual relationship between SAEM Les Écrins and the user are governed solely by the stated herein.




SAEM Les Écrins is available for all your comments and suggestions. You can write us by mail at the following address:

Ski lifts Ski Area 

SAEM Les Écrins 

Station 1600

05290 Puy Saint Vincent 

or by email : sem.puysaintvincent@wanadoo.fr